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Airplane crash in my backyard by M2morris

Airplane crash in my backyard by M2morris

Added: 28-Sep-12 21:21
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  Welcome to IL2MDB

This is your IL2 internet movie database.  You will find a huge collection of home made IL2 movies to view and enjoy.  The database entries range from the early days of IL2 movie making to the more recently machinima nominated movies made by MontyDan and Wingmen Productions.

This site is for you and your IL2 movies.  Just head on over to the Submit Movie page and complete the form and I will do the rest.  It may be likely that I have already added your movie to the database.  If that is the case then please use the search to find it and check the information entered.  The more accurate the information the more useful the database will be.

To help promote your movies I have added a couple of features.  One is your very own Gallery which allows images to showcase your movie footage.  The other is the ability to stream your movie from its current streaming website such as YouTube, BlipTV or Gamerzthearte.  (If you have placed your movie elsewhere but allows website embedding then please email the details and I will add it to your entry).

I would like to thank all those that helped with the building of the website and the time they have spent in reviewing the information and passing comment on how to improve your surfing experience. A special big thank you to Montydan who has very kindly allowed this site to be hosted on his server.  I would also like to say a big thank you to all of the IL2 community, especially the movie makers for producing some fantastic motion pictures in the comfort of their own homes.  I hope the genre continues on for many years.

  Registration suspended

Due to a flurry of dubious registrations I've decided to suspended the ability to register indefinitely.

  Monty-Dan has opened his doors

I think is is more than long overdue but when life gets busy things start to faulter.  After making some changes the site for Monty-Dan has opened the doors to unrestricted downloads.  No need to register or sign in just download and watch.

  Big Thanks to M2morris

Thanks to M2Morris for posting his own movie onto the site.  Everything went went and the movie went live as soon as the button was pressed.

You can see his movie here.

Registering and posting your movie gives you control over the additional images you can upload.

Congrats and thanks.


EDIT: After checking the database I've noticed there has been one other that has posted their own movie.  It hasn't gone unnoticed.  Well not until now.  Thanks to EX13m for posting SkyRide

  Web Site Enhancements Apr 2011

Well it's about time I pulled my finger out a little bit.  This site is a work in progress and a labour of love to my hobby of being a dabbler.  That said I've been a little busy.

I introduced the ability to regsiter sometime ago.  I took the next step and created a page so registered users could post their own work onto the database.  It wasn't a succes to be honest but it was there and working.

I've had a little more time on my hands and the ever decreasing grey cells have been working hard.  I've improved the "Post Your Movie" page and added a nice red menu link in the top right hand corner (can you see it?).  Upon posting a movie I'll receive a confirmation email so I can validate and submit the entry.  It's all pretty swish.

With the registration process pretty much set I decided to further improve the site and remove some menus once you have signed in successfully.

The following menus disappear when you sign in:

  Web Site Enhancements

Welcome to IL2MDB's new home.  A big thank you goes out to Flightsimmachinima for allowing the site to move to it's new home. 

  Things have been updated!

Well it's been a very long time coming but I have taken the chance of a few quiet moments to update a few movie entrys.  Mainly the FSM2008 Competition Movies.  All post have been updated to include/replace the previous streaming movie with blip.tv version.

A few extra recent releases have also been added to the database so please have a look at the most recent additions. This has also given me the chance to change the default streaming window size to 640picels wide.

  Star Voting System Changes Pt 2

I've been doing some digging with the way the site handles the votes and yes Search Engine Bots have skewed the results.  I've been through the log and cleared out any search engine bots I've found which has resynced the values and ratings.  I've also removed the offending code which gave the bots a link to follow.

Fingers crossed there will be no more bots scouring the pages of the site and stuffing up the voting.

  Vimeo News

Thanks to Wheels Up Cavu for sending me a note about Vimeo.  Details are below:

Forums " The SimHQ Community " Screenshot and Video Gallery " First Mission Success, Black Shark video...

SimHQ Thread

It is discussing that Vimeo is cracking down on game footage in their database.
It even says if you are paying for an account they don't want the videos.
I don't know how true this is but you may want to mention it to your video posters.
I think some of them use the Vimeo format for their videos.
I would hate to see them lose them.

Happy New year to you.

I have had an account pulled which hosted the FSM2008 competition despite my numerous emails.  From what I have read they do not wish to host "Fragfest" movies and the content you upload must be YOURS.  My biggest erk with Vimeo was the instantaneous way they pulled the plug.  I never received an email advising that it was going to be shut.  It was just shut.  I created a new account and uploaded a couple of films and shortly after I received an email advising they were to pull the content due to terms of use violation.

The damage was already done.  My main concern was the viewing statistics which have been lost.  So my humble apologies to the movie producers who entered the FSM2008 competion.  I hope to have the files uploaded to blip.tv soon.

  Star Voting System Changes

Some may have noticed that the voting stars on IL2MDB have been reset back to zero.

Well, they have and with good reason.  Some have noticed, including myself, that the ratings were always hitting around 3 with some hitting a few more; but not often.

The reason is that search engines and spambots have been hitting every link on the page and therefore scoring 5 votes totalling 15 points.  Therefore 15 / 5 is 3 and thats the magic number. :)

I've implemented a new voting code to get away from this and to make voting a little more meaningful.  Well as meaningful as subjectiveness can be :). (I know I can hear those that don't believe in the stars groaning but it does serve as something).

Sorry to all those that have voted before.  If you are passing and wish to vote then fingers crossed your favourite will hit the top 20 list. (This list is quite different and I'm working on the layout.